Bruno Mars concert concierto Puerto Rico

Bruno Mars on his first Concert in Latin America

Bruno Mars felt like home on his first puertorrican concert.

Hawaiian, Singer/Song-writer Bruno Mars,  sold out three quarters of the Puerto Rico Coliseum at San Juan city as part of a series of concerts that as of this date, it’s the only Latin American destination of his tour,  According to puertorrican national newspaper Primera Hora.

“This is my first show in Puerto Rico. We walked a great distance to be here with you all tonight.And we’re doing a great concert.The point of this is that you sing along and dance.Ready? “- said the singer/song-writer to his public mostly consisting of teenage girls and young adults. The concert, according to the Primera Hora, began at 9:10P.M  opening his show with the song:The Other side.

The concert had no special effects and mostly consisted of dancing, singing, and three big screens that read hooligans and other images filled with colors.

His dad, Peter Hernandez,  of puertorrican parents,  also entered the stage and added a few tropical rhythms to the show while on the background , the puertorrican flag waved.

Mars closed the show with: “Lighters” which is his later single. (The news article didn’t share any details how he sung that single without Eminem and Royce 6’9) The show lasted about an hour and a half (Almost the length of his only CD)

This article contains information from Puerto Rico’s national newspaper: Primera Hora. with some added details/comments by SoundCinemas,

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