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Mayor of San Juan City justifies the Photojournalists arrest

The mayor said the producers of the Fast Five set had every right to remove the photojournalists from the premises.

The mayor of San Juan, Puerto Rico, Jorge Santini, justified last Thursday the arrest of two photojournalists from the newspaper Puerto Rico Daily Sun, in the Fast Five Movie set, according to Primera Hora.

According to Primera Hora, The mayor said that the photojournalists were in an office that was going to be used for the movie, and they were asked kindly to leave. However, they refused to leave. One of the photographers, Trias Casalduc, stayed on the perimeter where the filming was happening. Santini added that the Police asked the photojournalist to leave, and he replied that he wasn’t leaving and that he could arrest him if he wanted to. That’s how he got arrested.

The Mayor of San Juan justified the arrests by saying that if someone rents him a home he cannot enter and exit anytime he wants. He also added that when a property on the street is rented or authorized, (whenever be a street or a park) they have the right to control who enters and who leaves. The person who rented the space has a right to control their space from invasions.

“That’s their problem,” Santini said while explaining that the police did not harm them during the arrest.


The production for Fast Five will continue on Puerto Rico till August.  The scenes filmed are supposed to represent Brazil.

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