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Mexican president denies ever meeting with Justin Bieber

Picture of Justin Bieber by Daniel Ogren Photography.
Picture of Justin Bieber by Daniel Ogren Photography.

Mexican Presidency official twitter account denied Canadian pop singer Justin Bieber allegations that he had a meeting with Mexican president Enrique Peña Nieto.

According to El Universal MX quoting @PresidenciaMX, the official account of the Mexican presidency denies that Bieber ever met the president or his family.

“La @PresidenciaMX desmiente reunión del Titular del Ejecutivo @EPN con el cantante @justinbieber.” (The @PresidenciaMX denies meeting of executive @EPN with singer @justinbieber)

Here’s what Justin Bieber tweeted according to El Universal MX:

“Just met some amazing mexican beliebers and the presidente of mexico and his familia. Now it’s showtime. 60,000 tonight. Night 1. te amo.”

What will Justin Bieber say now? The last thing he tweeted was:

“great night. see u all again tomorrow”